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At a very young age, Maggie Hentschel felt a deep connection to the healing arts and nature’s benefits. As a hobby, she began learning about the power of herbs and essential oils, blending teas and creating her own versions of bath and body products focused on their healing properties.

More than twenty years ago, Maggie envisioned Inspired Mind Body Spirit. The vision became a reality in 2019 when she, as its founder, decided to “take the leap” after a more traditional career as a consultant, market researcher, and brand strategist overseas in Switzerland and China. While marketing other brands’ products, she realized she missed her own passion for items she had imagined years before, and knew it was time to refocus on her own mind, body, spirit, and passion for health and wellness. In doing so, she became certified in energy healing, mindfulness, Pilates, and Aromatherapy.

This refocus birthed Inspired Mind Body Spirit. We are focused on a holistic approach to sustainable healthy living, and bringing clean, vegan, 100% natural bath and body products which use the healing power of essential oils to benefit our minds, bodies, and spirits. We believe less is more – no more products with ingredient lists so long it’s not worth reading. Our products use pure, natural ingredients in the right combination to maximize their benefits.

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