Maggie Hentschel

Pilates Instructor, Certified Energy Healer, Mindfulness Practitioner, Brand Strategy Research and Consulting

From a very young age I was drawn to the mystical nature of the universe and the interconnectedness of things.  I was drawn to teachings related to all things mind, body, spirit and started reading and learning on these topics in my early teens.  I have always known in my heart my life purpose was to be a conduit for healing. Although my passions have always been routed in the “alternative” my life journey so far has been an ebb and flow between “traditional” and “alternative”. 

Following the traditional path, I attended the University of California at Riverside with the intention initially to study biology and then go on to medical school but shortly after starting I realized that western medicine was not the path I wanted to pursue in healing but rather alternative medicine.  At the time this was not something you could pursue in a traditional university setting so my studies turned to philosophy and ultimately religious studies.  I was drawn to eastern philosophy and focused my studies in this area. 

So four years later I find myself with a BA degree in Religious Studies and like many of us it was time to enter into the “real world” and get a big girl job. I was able to start out holding true to my passions by working in admissions at the National Holistic Institute a wonderful massage therapy school in the SF Bay area.  But with the forces that be, my career journey, would end up taking me in a different direction and I admit with every passing year a bit further and further away from my passion for the alternative. 

I have always been into numerology and my life path number 26/8 definitely has given me insight into perhaps why my journey back to my passion has taken quite a bit of time 😊. Life generally forces us to work elements our life path numbers represent, my work was on abundance and power the 9 energy. 

Working these numbers led me on a 20+ year career journey in research and consulting. Although my focus in these years was climbing the corporate ladder and making money to live a comfortable traditional life the universe consistently brought me back through lessons and challenges whispering and nudging me back into the direction of my life purpose to be a conduit for healing. 

The first big nudge came in 2004 while professionally working in consulting in MA I connected with the Integrative Medicine Alliance (IMA) in New England and did some freelance writing on complimentary alternative medicine (CAM) which resulted in an article published in the Journal of Local Public Health by the Massachusetts Association of Health Boards and I began to think about a career change and briefly enrolled in a master’s program in transpersonal psychology. But the nudge was not strong enough and I continued to work in brand strategy research and consulting – which eventually allowed me the opportunity to live and work abroad in Switzerland and China. This experience living and working abroad is something i cherish and has provided me a much broader world view.

In July 2017 my work contract ended in China and I opened to an awareness it was time to refocus on my mind, body, and spirit.  For the first time in a very long time I gave myself permission to take a break from this traditional career path and ultimately reconnect with my life purpose. 

During this break i have focused on my own mind/body/spirit at health retreats, become certified in energy healing, taken courses on mindfulness, and trained to be a Pilates instructor.

In turn I have entered a new season in life which inspired me to start “Inspired Mind Body Spirit” a place for me to share my journey and promote inspiration and healing.  I hope you will join me on this journey by following my blog and joining in the mind, body, spirit conversation.

Best Wishes,


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