As a single women who has been working abroad for the past 4 years I have looked up and thought about going to one of the many wellness resorts for a holiday many times but it was not until recently I took the plunge.  I look back now and ask myself “why did it take me so long?”  Now I will try to make this a regular thing. Why you might ask? I was inspired. I would encourage all who have considered it … Just Do It, you might be inspired too!

To be honest the reason i finally decided to go was because I recently decided to take a break from the corporate world and take the time to focus on what brings me joy & inspiration.  My first step on this new journey: Reconnect with my physical self – i.e. fitness.  As I mentioned in my last post the first step on the fitness journey was getting a personal trainer to work with for the remaining time I was going to be in China.  The catch was that William my personal trainer was planning a 3 week vacation which left me with a) stop the momentum I had and not continue to train, b) start working with another trainer, or c) investigate that detox vacation I had so often thought about.  There was nothing stopping me as my work contract was ending so why not go?

So my search for the right retreat began.  For convenience I decided on Phuket Thailand as that was an easy direct flight from Shanghai. After doing many online searches I was able to find a few places that looked promising.  I was initially really interested in doing a fasting or juicing detox program with colonics and all but then magically Phuket Cleanse (http://phuketcleanse.com/) popped up in my search. After reviewing the website and sending a query about cost and availability for my preferred dates it became clear this was where I was meant to go. Another good reminder: Trust your intuition!

Of course I was a bit weary as I really did not know what to expect from a wellness retreat and no matter the reviews and explanations on the websites I still did not know how I would feel once I arrived.  Could I actually survive on juice and supplements alone? If I did not fast would I like the food? Would I be the only one there who was not already super fit? Would I be the oldest women there? The only single women? How much will I miss my wine in the evening?  All of these questions and concerns were valid in my opinion as most of the wellness retreat websites show beautiful people looking fabulous doing yoga etc.  After my initial correspondence with Stanton Procter much of my concerns were alleviated mostly because he shared with me a bit about himself and founder Melanie Procter and what their hope was in creating Phuket Cleanse. In addition there were so many great reviews on Facebook and all these things plus my intuition just said go, go, go.  Did I mention I’m also trying very hard to listen to my own intuition 😊.

 “From the sound of your email, we built Phuket Cleanse for you. Melanie is 50 years old, I am 52 years old, and we basically built a place that would be good for us… From 6 AM till 9 PM we have over 20 options of yoga, fitness, educational seminars, meditation, mindfulness, cooking classes, and much more. You get to leave us with a vast array of knowledge that you get to take back home with you. Being here with us is just a kickstart, a jumpstart … We do juice cleansing, raw vegan food, and we have probiotics that populate your gut with healthy bacteria. Maggie, we hope that you come and join us for a wonderful fitness and nutrition holiday.”  Stanton Procter July, 2017

What I actually found at Phuket Cleanse was much more than what was promised.  I found another family and in the process reconnected with my core passion for everything Mind/Body/Spirit.  You see after so many years of focusing on career, money,  status etc. I began to feel disconnected with my passions and actually in recent years found myself even thinking “am I passionate about anything other than work?”.  Now  I realize what a silly question that was.  What I have always been passionate about never left – I had just allowed myself to get “selective amnesia”.  Perhaps this was how I was able to stay focused on my corporate career and not focus on all the ways in which I was not personally fulfilled.  More posts on this to come as it is an unfolding journey of self-rediscovery in which this recent trip to Phuket is only one step along the journey.

Once I arrived at Phuket Cleanse I felt a sense of peace, was enveloped in love from the staff as well as the other guests, and was given so many options to pick from to create my days activities.  Everything was taken care of so the only thing you really needed to focus on was you!  I was surrounded by so many like minded people all of which were unique beings with their own journey and purpose for being there which made for great conversations and experience sharing.  One of the things I loved most was that all of the dining was communal dining which meant if you wanted to eat you had to come together at set times for meals.  What happened then was really magical as this was a great time for me to get to know other guests and have those conversations all while enjoying some incredible vegan delicious-ness.

My days consisted of exercise (Sunrise walks/hikes, Muay Thai, aqua fit, yoga, HITT, etc.), so many wonderful meditations, educational talks, cooking classes, massage, ice baths, sauna, light therapy, and even a rebirthing session!  Of course I did only a few of these a day and the rest of the day I relaxed, read a book, napped, talked with my new friends, and rejuvenated my mind/body/spirit.  I realized there is nothing better than planning a holiday in which the sole focus is on our own health and wellness and choosing to pick a place that caters to this was the best decision ever.

I will be back to PC but also explore other health and wellness resorts out there as we have many to choose from. Stay tuned perhaps I will find another gem of a place to share!  But if you happen to plan a wellness vacation in Phuket Thailand you should definitely check out Phuket Cleanse!

And if any of you might have some of my same concerns I can tell you now my intuition to go, go, go were spot on because the food was amazing, the people were so diverse (some super fit some not, some young some old, some single/solo travelers some couples,) and I really did not miss my evening wine at all!  I left this first health and wellness vacation rejuvenated, with new friends I I will have for the rest of my life and with a renewed focus on how important it is that we never forget to take care of our mind, body, and spirit.

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